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Handle Pal

An innovative electronic gadget that makes using your phone while biking much easier.


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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Sat, April 15 2017 3:00 PM CEST.

Introducing Handle Pal

Handle Pal is a detachable device that connects to your phone using Bluetooth technology. It can be placed on your bicycle and it allows you to change your music, without having to take your phone out. This makes our product a safer, easier and more accessible method of listening music. It's compact, detachable and easy to use so you can find a new way of biking while using your phone at the same time.


Why do you need a Handle Pal?

The number of people that use their phones to listen to music has increased over the years together with the number of people using their phones while biking, This can be distracting and dangerous. Biking while using your phone can be risky and uncomfortable especially when the weather isn't good.

Handle Pal solves all of those problems by connecting directly to your phone through its Bluetooth technology. Handle Pal allows you to control the music on your phone with our app by just pressing the buttons from the device. More functions will come in the nearest future. You don't even need to take out your hand to reach your phone in your pocket. You can just keep your hand on the bike handle as you would do while using the gears. Handle Pal makes biking easier and safer since it's detachable and you can place it easily on your bike handle.


Key Features

Light Blue Bean Bluetooth System that controls your phone Buttons 3D printed Detachable Portable


Who is it for?

The Handle Pal is for anyone who is using their phone while biking and want to have a nice riding experience without any accidents or distractions while still enjoying the music. Experience-safety High Advanced Technology Gain more enjoyment from your riding. Handle Pal is designed for all types of bikes since it can be attached to a bicycle support ring that you can place on your handle. It's just like having an extra gear.

How does it work?

The physical device itself is 3D printed, inside it has a Light Blue Bean (LBB) in order to communicate with the smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
This device is placed on the handlebar of the bike, and it communicates with the smartphone it's connected to. Now it will act as a controller for your media, mostly while you are biking. The Light Blue Bean controls the app prototype that we made that responds to the LightBlue bean signal.
The app controls the music player and is designed in an easy to use, simplistic way that fits with the style of our product. Evothings provides a simple solution to make a connection between mobile app and devices such as Arduino, light blue bean, Bluefruit LE UART or another device that can send or receive data through wifi, Bluetooth or cables etc.
Evothings uses javascript for coding. To make connection for the demo app we needed to get a key from evothings workbench, edit the javascript code
In the later on development of this product, we also have the option to publish the app to the apple store or google play. Here is how the app works, when I press the button on LBB the app receives the data on the app's side, it handles the data to change the state of the music between play and pause.



Weight-50 grams Bluetooth communication through Light Blue Bean Buttons included It's detachable Ring for the handle


How to place it?

This device will be placed on the handlebar of the bike by first placing it on the ring support on the handle.
The device won't hit the bike's handle or you while biking since it's pretty stable.

Use our app!

Use our music app in order to control it with the Handle Pal by pressing the red button on the device.
The app interface is simple to use and it has 6 functions. The design of the app is minimalistic, elegant and clear since the usability of the product is important.

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Prev
  • Next
  • Volume +
  • Volume -

Go for a bike ride while enjoying the music!

Now, ride your bike as you normally would, and use Handle Pal in order to control your phone, don't forget to turn on the app. You can keep your phone in your pocket or backpack.

Handle Pal evolution

A big component of the Handle Pal evolution was the understanding of how the Light Blue Bean technology works: how to create an app, how to connect it to the app but also other elements like creating 3d models, 3d printing, researching about different topics, creating surveys, following a business model, testing the product.
The first step was creating sketches of the product.
Creating a 3D printable model in Maya after making the sketches of the product design was the second step.
Then for the prototype testing we needed to have a physical product, this makes it easier to show the concept to the target group and find potential problems. Using this method we found problems with our first prototype and came up with a new design.
For the 3D printing there were 2 options
PLA filament
ABS filament
The prototype was printed in PLA filament, this material is less strong, but a bit more flexible. As our product is not very large and pretty solid, the strength would be good enough. But since the first 3D printable model wasn't exactly what we expected we decided to create a better one, to improve our design and concept.
It has helped us to test how the 3D printing works.
(Post pictures with the old sketches, design and the 3D model) After that we created a better design, much smaller and more compact which we are using for the final product. The product can be placed on the bike support ring.
(Post picture of the product) While doing all of this we researched, tested and created using the technology behind Light Blue Bean and the programming part behind it together with creating the app for the music.
(Post picture of the app) Creating this product was a challenge but since we all came up with ideas and worked together we succeeded into creating a final prototype.


The product is compatible with several types of bikes since it uses a special bike support ring for the handle it can be placed and adjusted as you need it.
in order to use Handle Pal correctly, a phone that is compatible with the app and is capable of receiving Bluetooth signal is required.


Project Timeline

The project took place since february until april.
After coming up with the idea during the first 2 weeks we researched on different topics such as marketing but also the technology behind it.
During the fourth week we created the product design sketches while doing research about the technology, marketing and the legal issues. We also created an app interface design and the paper prototype.
During week 5 we have created the final design of the product, created a 3D model, done research and tested the technical parts.
During week 6 we prepared things to print our first prototype and tested it with the target group, we created a survey online and tested it with the target group.
In week 7 we printed our first prototype but then decided to print it again so we created a new design and printed the final products on the 8th week of the project.
During all those weeks we have done research and constant testing.

Risks and Challenges

Product development and device testing is at a point where the significant technical risks have already been eliminated but for the future we are creating much more functions and not only limit ourselves with the music app controlling functions. We have to establish relationships with suppliers and manufacturers so that we can produce the required quantity in accordance with our timeline
Being an electronics based product, there are certain certification requirements that will need to be passed. This has been a part of the design process from the beginning, so that certification is a formality rather than a risk.
The phone app has been written for the Android operating system and the iPhone version also but in order to create more functions we need to test it more. With a relatively simple app, we expect this will be a straight forward process. The app has only one function for now and also the physical product also.

Want to order your own Handle Pal in order to make biking more enjoyable, easy and safe